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Change Your Scenery’s faux finisher, Kerri Knapp, worked with interior designer, Karen Kempf of Karen Kempf Interiors, and the homeowner to come up with a wall finish that further enhanced the Mediterranean hand troweled plaster walls. Over 100 hours were spent applying a faux finish to approximately 80% of this 10,000 square foot house.

Decorative painter, Kerri Knapp of Change Your Scenery, painted the mural on the wall of the milk house turned potting shed. She worked closely with the homeowners on the design for this small floral mural and winding morning glory vines.

A vintage claw foot tub gets a new life by faux finisher Kerri Knapp. A picture from a French magazine was the inspiration for this decorative finish.

The laundry room got a custom floor design with the vision of interior designer Karen Kemp and executed by stencil artist Kerri Knapp. It was a challenging application due to new construction time lines and the ultra large sized stencil.