Stencil Painting


room walls painted with a stencil

The addition of a sophisticated stencil design can add architectural details, mimic wallpaper with pattern & paint or just a little accent here and there. The same stencil pattern can give a wide variety of looks. Stenciling with a tone on tone color scheme can give a very muted and serene effect. A lightly colored base coat with a darker stenciled color is a vibrant and traditional look. The opposite, darker base with lighter stencil, conveys a softer and more modern appeal.

Change Your Scenery’s favorite stencil painting effect is to use an all-over (like a wallpaper pattern) stencil design. When the stencil artist uses a metallic glaze or gloss polyurethane, it gives a shimmer to the stencil pattern when the different kinds of light hits the surface.

Change Your Scenery includes a sample, done on a 3’ X 4’ foam core board, to check colors, techniques and patterns. Samples are complimentary with any scheduled interior painting project.