Interior Paint Finishing

Interior Painting

Inside view of Allure Salon Cedarburg
Allure Salon Cedarburg

Perfect painting requires planning, preparation and patience. Change Your Scenery can create a unique individualized paint finish in your home or place of business. We offer a full spectrum of interior painting services from initial concept to final finish. Change Your Scenery is an art-based business, which means great attention to detail is evident by the clean lines, spatter-free painting, and of course, the final product.

Color Consultation

Customers of Change Your Scenery who need help with choosing the right colors receive a complimentary color consultation along with samples for any scheduled interior painting job.

Wallpaper Removal and prep for painting

The ease of wallpaper removal is dependent on how the walls were prepped at the time of installation. Change Your Scenery recommends removal by steam, a toxic free enzyme solution or a combination of both to ensure a successful paint finish. Seal residual paste with Gardz.

Minor drywall patching & repair

Fill nail holes, caulk, and sand and prime your walls as needed.

Trim, Millwork, Doors etc. Painting, Overstaining, and Refinishing

Painting Stained Trim & Doors

Thoroughly clean the surfaces of the trim, millwork or doors. Rinse and rinse again. Sand, vacuum dust, tack, prime 2 coats, fill holes, sand vacuum tack, caulk gaps, paint 2 coats high quality paint with light sanding in between.

Re-vitalizing Stained Trim & Doors

Refreshing water or sun damaged millwork in the same color.

Overstaining Trim & Doors

Giving stained millwork a darker color while maintaining the wood grain.

Refinishing Trim & doors

Stripping and re-staining with a lighter stained color.

Wall, Ceiling and sometimes Floor Painting

Basic color changes on interior walls, ceiling and sometimes floors can add a fresh look to any room in the house.


No job is complete without the thorough clean-up of your home upon the completion of the project, cleaning up any supplies, tools and trash.