Furniture Finishing

Furniture Painting

Painted Antique Dresser

Change Your Scenery can help you to repurpose, refinish and reuse that old furniture and update it with paint! Complimentary samples in the same species of wood are included with any scheduled furniture painting project to check colors and techniques. Careful preparation and procedures are followed to ensure a long-lasting finish to your painted furniture:

  • Transport Furniture piece to shop for spraying.
  • Thoroughly clean all parts of the furniture piece. Remove any and parts that are not attached- doors, drawers, mirrors etc. Rinse and rinse again.
  • Sand all the surfaces to give the paint something to grip (depending on paint type and surface type). Vacuum dust and tack.
  • Apply a high-grade paint primer. When painting over oak, cherry or mahogany, will use 2 coats of a pigmented shellac to lock in the tannins of the wood.
  • Fill all holes & sand again. Caulk any gaps.
  • Apply two coats of specialized high quality paint

Optional Furniture Finishes

Distress the finish around the edges, apply a glaze to enhance the architectural details of the cabinets, hand painted motifs or tromp l’oiel (French=to fool the eye) to architectural details to flat surfaces.

  • Apply a quality top coat to protect the painted furniture finishes
  • Return the furniture
  • Enjoy the look of your updated painted furniture

Other Furniture Finishes are available and include a careful preparation process, as well. All finishes include a durable topcoat dependent on the use of the furniture piece.

Re-vitalizing stained furniture

Refreshing water or sun damaged furniture in the same color

Overstaining furniture

Giving stained furniture a darker color while maintaining the wood grain

Refinishing furniture

Stripping and re-staining with a lighter stained color.

Chalk Paint & other Mineral Based Paints

Using Annie Sloan Chalk paint or other mineral based paint can achieve a number of finishes to painted furniture including a highly-pigmented color in only a couple of coats. Mineral based paints can give a newer piece a multi-layered and/or peeling paint look. Using a wax as a finish coat gives a piece a luxurious feel.