Faux Finishing

Faux Finishes

faux finished painted fireplace and walls

Faux (fō) Finishing evolves from the French "to make believe". It is a decorative painted finish that imitates something else...such as marble, wood, wallpaper, leather, fabric, brick or crumbling plaster. Faux finishing can be accomplished with a variety of flat, gloss, metallic & specialty paints, glazes, artist colors, plasters, glues, foils and gilding supplies. A faux finisher has an arsenal of tools, brushes, trowels, palettes, rollers, pens, pencils, laser levels, sponges, graining combs, cheese cloth, tape and waxes.

Change Your Scenery offers many decorative faux finishes including but not limited to:


1 color, 2 color, 3 color four! Colorwash can give the illusion of old world/Tuscan or crumbling plaster without adding any physical texture to your walls. can apply a soft wash of color as an alternative to a plain wall. Change Your Scenery’s favorite decorative finish is blended metallic glazes on a ceiling.

Faux Bois (Faux wood graining)

Faux bois can be used on a plain metal entry or garage door to imitate a real wood door without the frequent and costly maintenance. Change Your Scenery’s faux artist can to seamlessly blend a repair to a stained wood item.

Faux Linen, Grasscloth or Silk Striae (French=small strips)

Allow Change Your Scenery to transform your room into faux fabric covered walls with a faux linen, grasscloth or striae look. Available in 1000’s of colors.


Metallic paints & glazes can add an air of sophistication, formality or modernity to any surface. Change Your Scenery can transform many surfaces into a faux metal, rusted metal or the look of aged metal patina.

Stripes, Chevrons, Squares & other Geometric shapes

Stripes and shapes can mimic a wallpaper look in 1000 different color combinations without the hassle of wallpaper installation or removal.

Troweled Paint

Change Your Scenery’s decorative finisher can hand trowel several colors at the same time to add an interesting finish to any room.

Venetian, Italian & Metallic Plasters

Hand troweled plasters are an architectural layer that can add an old world or contemporary look to a room, accent or fireplace wall.

Change Your Scenery offers a sample, done on a 3’ X 4’ foam core board, to check colors, techniques and patterns. Samples are complimentary with any scheduled interior painting project.