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Artist Kerri Knapp


I've always had a passion for painting. By age three, my first "masterpiece was a watercolor painting on the side of my dresser. I continued to immerse myself in art through every possibility in high school. During my college years, I discovered that earning a living doing what I loved was more difficult than I had hoped, so I pursued a field of study in a different direction. I graduated from UW-Madison in 1984 with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. I worked for ten years specializing in Oncology Nursing.

During this detour from my professional artistic career, I devoured books on art and painting techniques. I was self-taught, and I continued to enjoy smaller painting projects for family, friends, and myself through the years.

I officially established Change Your Scenery in 2001. Change Your Scenery blended my interest in art and my passion for painting. I have since taken several classes in decorative painting, stenciling, cabinet & furniture painting and fine art. I have officially retired from the residential painting part of Change Your Scenery in 2022. I am enjoying retirement immensely as I have much more time for fine art painting. Be sure to visit me at all of the art-filled shows.